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 Misery 4 mawd.

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Should i be mod?
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PostSubject: Misery 4 mawd.   Sun Feb 06, 2011 9:31 pm

AGE: 14
GAMETIME: Everyday. As much as i can.
WHY WE SHOULD PICK YOU: I care for this server and I help anyone and everyone, i am always there to bring justice to bad situations. (not absentmindedly)
A few reasons why i feel i deserve mod:
- i am active as much as i can sometimes ranging from 2-8 hours (depending on the day of week)
- i am fair/just; i can/will listen to all sides of an argument/fight before taking action
- i ask other staff members before making a final decision like a mute..eg.not banning any one until a admin or owner comes along though will lay down a mute.
- im no slacker, im not afraid to use my mod powers but at the same time will not abuse or overuse them.i use them when needed.
- i am strict but friendly,i can be strict in a staff position and at the same time be fair with my actions.i am friendly to all new players and find helping them is quite fun.
- I will resolve any conflicts that come up with players
- I have fun with the community and i enjoy pvp, talking,generaly alot of interaction between me and them
- i am not foolish; i will not make foolish mistakes like muting the wrong person .I will always show evidence if i have to and will always have a reason behind my actions
- i will mute anyone that spams and basically annoys people on the server. i am always open to questions

WHAT IT MEANS TO BE A STAFF MEMBER: to me being a staff member is all about caring for the server by bringing justice and yet to be kind and polite to people ,along with having fun and enjoying the server.Also being a staff member means to take action when people are breaking rules and misbehaving.

NAMES OF SERVERS YOU'VE BEEN STAFF ON: a few names that dont come to mind. some were made by friends.

ANY ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: I hate math, and im interested in gimp/photoshop, i live in Hawaii.
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Misery 4 mawd.
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