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 best price list

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PostSubject: best price list   Fri Oct 08, 2010 7:56 pm

Tony wrote:
Yo, You nigger; I seriously suggest you stop it all before i track down your IP Kid, And i can do so much with that IP..You said you get Paid for doing it, Yeah well; You soon gotta spend that money on paying the Cop Buddy! Keep Going! Doing well! Sweet Dreams Fatboi.

tony first of you cant get my ip i have my port and ip closed of. 2nd ddos yes everyone knows is illegal but you cannot link me to the ddos. a ddos does not come from my ip it pings on another site so you would simply find a random site. 3rd i can tell you dont know what you are talking about because the cops do not take part in stuff that has to do with small internet games they have beter things to do like catch robers. if i found you as any real threat tony i would ddos you as i did the owner but i know you're just a kid full of shit acting like you know a thing or 2 when you know nothing my friend.

[note to tony] first of you are a horible staff calling someone a nigger? thats plain off racist who wants to play a game where the people that have high ranks are racist and cuss? you my friend need to learn alot

i will continue to do this until my job is done so dont think i will stop. and i am from anonymous if you guys don't know anything about them well there known only because of there hacking on child's games. i suggest you dont f**k with me unless you want a internet crash (ddos) like the owner got him self.

i think you all missunderstand me and my purpose. i am not some nerd that enjoys to hack or ddos. this is my job i can get up to 1 thosuand bucks a day doing this. my suggestion to you guys is to find a new game or tell the owner of this child's game to stop messing with Corruption x. corruption x makes over 5 thousand bucks a month. once you mess with them they hire people like me to f**k you over.

im sorry to those who wish to play this game and have a good time. you cant blame this on me though blame it on the owner for messing with corruption
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best price list
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